Club Firearms


Tyne Valley Rifle Club has a selection of firearms available for members use.


Club firearms are primarily for the use of members who do not yet have their own FAC and for those probabtionary members completing their training courses. For this reason we cannot guarantee that any particular rifle will be available on a particular day. We strongly reccomend that you apply for your own FAC as soon as you are able!


Only club or commercial factory ammunition is to be used in club guns.

Steyr-Mannlicher SSG-69 PII (.308 Win)

Ruger 77/.44 (.44 Rem Mag)

Our Ruger 77/.44 fires the versitle .44 Magnum cartridge. A round capable of handling distances up to about 300 yards and which can be easily down-loaded for indoor shooting at Mayfair Shooting Centre.


.44 Magnum Ammunition


Brass to be returned

Sako TRG 42 (.338 Lapua)

Regarded as one of the best rifle and cartridge combinations currently available. The Sako TRG42 and .338 Lapua is an ultra long range combination. The .338 Lapua round has been used on targets as distant as 2,700 yards, that's over one and a half miles! The TRG series of rifles are held in high regard as one of the best competition rifles in current commercial production. Obviously this is not inexpensive to shoot! Club ammo: £9 per 5 rounds.

The Steyr-Mannlicher SSG is a truly legendary rife. Set the standard by which sniper rifles were judged for years to come.


.308 Ammunition

£35.50/100 or from £11 to £14 per 20 if commercial ammo.

Brass to be returned.

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