The ranges we use at Otterburn are dotted around the vast defence training estate in North Northumberland. This is a sparsely inhabited area used by the military for all manner of training. The military use these ranges to train with everything from rifles and pistols to 155mm field guns and tanks. It is also used for bombing practice by aircraft, and attack helicopters practice firing rockets at mocked-up tanks.

There are number of rifle ranges we use here, all of which of which are merely large areas of moorland. On these ranges targets are either hammered into the earth with a mallet or we use the electronic reactive targets which are installed around the moor at various points at distances from 75 yards to almost 1,000 yards. These targets are great fun and can be set to appear in a pre-set sequence or at random.
Shooting locations

Tyne Valley Rifle Club currently shoot on two range complexes in Northumberland. Ponteland Rifle Ranges a few minutes drive from Newcastle and the Defence Training estate at Otterburn in the North of the County.


Ponteland is what most people think of when they think of a traditional rifle range. There are two range facilities here, “A” and “B” ranges which are traditional “gallery” ranges with twelve and sixteen firing points respectively and manually operated target raising machinery at the butts. The Butt area consists of the gallery area (hence the name) where target marking personnel, if they are being used,  are suitably protected from firing by a large earth mound called the mantlet. Beyond the targets is a much larger earth mound, the bullet catcher.


Firing points at each range are at 100 yard increments. “A” range has points at distances from 100 to 300 yards and “B” range has points at distances from 100 to 600 yards.


There is also the odd old abandoned armoured vehicle that you can have a pop at.        


Be aware though that this is sometimes a bleak and miserable place in the winter so you MUST come well prepared. Warm clothes, a hat and a flask of hot coffee or soup are the order of the day.


Remember as well that this is a military field-firing area which may have various types of nasty unexploded ordnance lying about it. It is not advisable to pick up ANYTHING you find lying about!



Directions To Our Shooting Locations

Directions to Ponteland Rifle Ranges


Ponteland Rifle Range is easy to find. From the centre of Ponteland having come from the direction of Newcastle airport you will see a pub called the 'Diamond Inn' on your right.

Go through the traffic lights and turn RIGHT at the roundabout.

You will see the 'Blackbird' pub on the left-hand side of the road.

Continue along the road to the point at which it bears to the left. At this point there is a T junction on the right next to a house called:


Take that junction and you will see the range complex about a mile along the road on your right. It is sign-posted:




If we are shooting on B Range drive straight into the main car park B range is directly in front of the car park.

If we are shooting on A range then leave the road about 200 yards past the main entrance at the junction signed:


Drive along the track until you reach A range car park. Please close gate after you!


Directions to Ridleeshope range – Otterburn


Approaching from the South, Newcastle/Ponteland area, along the A696, go through Otterburn Village and continue for 8.5 miles. At this point there is a sign on the left of the road pointing to a T-junction on your right-hand side. The sign says:




Turn right into that road – you will see signs saying:




Be careful on this road as it may be slippery if there has been frost or ice – the military roads are not gritted and are rather narrow.


Continue along that road for 4.3 miles. At this point the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right and you will see the sign:




About fifty yards past this sign to your left there is a white metal gate which gives access to the track which leads down to the the firing point. There is limited car parking at the firing point so some vehicles may have to be removed to the first car park before firing.


Shooters must be at the firing point at 10am sharp for the range briefing. If you are putting targets out please make sure you are back at the firing point by 10am.


Directions to Davey Shiel range – Otterburn


Approaching from the South, Newcastle/Ponteland area. Turn off the A696 to the right where you see the sign:




Follow the road for about a mile until you see another sign saying the same and take the T junction to the right.


Follow the road until you start descending towards the main camp gates.


About 600 yards before the main cam gates there is a T juntion on your left. Take this junction and follow the road.


After about a mile you will see the range directly ahead of you marked:




Go throuh the range entrance gate, turn to the left to drive to the firing point.



Directions to Heely Dod range – Otterburn


Follow the instructions above for Davey Shiel range.


When at the final T junction facing Davey Shiel turn right.


The road bears to the left over this distance, running around the perimiter of the traning estate.


You will go past:




On the left


You will pass a farm building on the left which usualy has a VW flag flying in front.


The range is about two miles past this on the left signed:




The main car park for the range is next to the road. Vehicles may be driven to the firing point to unload but must be removed to the car park once unloaded.


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